What the worst vday present you have recieved??

United States
February 14, 2008 1:07pm CST
The worst present i have recieved is a dollar to buy myself a flower.. ya it sucked i know.. Whats yours??
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15 Feb 08
nothing now that is wrong
@RobinJ (2501)
• Canada
14 Feb 08
It was the most god awful bouquet of flowers I ever saw it was delivered from a floral delivery place, and it was all yellow Shasta daises, I hate yellow flowers with Passion and daises the most, to me they are like a weed. any how I phoned and complained and the lady said what did you expect for $45, I hit the roof and told her that they could come and take them back and fine something else for that kind of money, I was told I had to bring them back to the store so I took them when I walked into the store there was a few leaves scattered on the floor, I asked the lady what happened she told me they had valentines orders as well as a big wedding and a grad to do and they ran out of flowers, I told her I would have sooner had a certificate for future use, rather than the garbage I was given, so she took the flowers back and put them in the cooler and gave me a card saying I could pick out a plant in the spring.Now to top it off these flowers were from my ex, and he bounced the check so I had to pay for that as well. Not a great valentines day and haven't gotten anything since, and I am perfectly happy with that as I can get what I want seeing as how I pay for it any way. oh yes the florist went out of business as she had so many complaints and no one would go to her shop so I didn't ever get the plant
@o2bfree (226)
• United States
14 Feb 08
Flowers and a meaningless card from a grocery story around 9pm on Valentines Day...Think he forgot?? Or was just not capable of putting any more thought into it??? Either way, it is the reason he is my x now. Although, I (the idiot) am considering reconciliation (see my posts if you like) and this year he brought me a vacuum cleaner and microwave. We are seperated, I moved into my own place 3 months ago. While they are helpful gifts and he knew I needed them from someone who is trying to prove they have changed and can be more connected...A sweet card would have been nice atleast. The day is still young though, we will see. So far no mention of dinner out or anything, so I dunno! What are you doing this year for Vday???