minority people, classical music concert

February 16, 2008 9:23am CST
Why almost young people or teens almost do not interested in classical music? It seems to be boring and old fashioned. Why does classical music seem only for high class persons, aristocrats, musicians, artists, or celebrities?
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@baronarthur (4188)
• Indonesia
18 Feb 08
I see many young people really interest in classical music. Especially young people who learn musical instruments. It looks like for some people only because it's very difficult and not popular (though in its time was popular). Of course some of the classical music are easy listening too, but in the mind of many young people it's very difficult and not easy listening. Popular and easy listening music are most welcome in our generation. But, I still a classical and hymn lover (and many popular, light jazz, blues lover too).. Does it mean I am a high class person too? Ha..ha..
@Hatley (164484)
• Garden Grove, California
16 Feb 08
I think that people tend to turn to classical music after they have matured a whole lot then they, those who dig it, really enjoy it for when I was in my teens I could not have cared less for classical music but now I am a senior citizen, age will not state, I really do enjoy it as it relaxes me and also I have taken the time to learn about the composers which makes it more meaningful. But I do not think its only for high class persons, for if you think of yourself as just as good as Mrs. got rocks you can enjoy the same things she does and more. Just remember you are somebody,unique, one of a kind,just as good perhaps better than Ms. Gotrocks.
• Singapore
18 Feb 08
Hi sir hatley, Classical music is a universal music... right? The idea about classical music seems for high class persons or old listener, just come to my mind, based on my experience looked at people who watch the orchestra. Sir, what is your favorite classical music composer? Do you like to listen music by violinist Joshua Bell or cellist Yoyo-ma?