Left handedness and Right Handedness... Which is more appealing

February 22, 2008 6:12am CST
i'm right handed but whiles growing up, i started wiv my left..Now when i see people write with their left.. i love it..its sexy in a way.. So, i'm wondering what u feel about it.. which is prettier?
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26 Feb 08
I think that it is hard for a left handed person to come up with really pretty handwriting. I think that it depends on who you are sitting next to at the dinner table. Nothing is worse then a righty and a lefty squashed next to each other trying to eat... Other then that...how does it really matter?
@Pigglies (9339)
• United States
23 Feb 08
Personally, I find it more convenient to write with my right hand a lot of times. I hate smearing ink or pencil and it's just better overall. I write with either hand and the writing looks nearly identical since I don't write off to a slant with either hand. If I'm writing on a spiral notebook, I'll typically use my right hand for the right pages and my left hand for the left. I do some things right handed and some left handed. I have a hard time using a right handed can opener, but I learned guitar right handed (and violin and any other instrument I've learned). When I play games on my Wii I play everything left handed. On real sports I never did much playing, but whenever I did I was left handed. And with driving I'm definitely a lefty. With using a standard computer mouse I am right handed. When using a touch pad, I'm a lefty.