How do you keep your bra strap from falling down?

@CanadaGal (4307)
February 22, 2008 12:59pm CST
Fallen Bra Strap - when a fallen bra strap is sexy
I have a favourite bra style, but it is driving me NUTS that the straps don't always stay on my shoulders. They actually slide down, and it bugs me when that happens. It makes it worse when they fall while I'm out and about, covered in winter clothing, and can't easily reach in and fix it. I don't seem to have this problem as much with this bra style in the summer, but I don't want to limit my wearing it to only during certain seasons. lol. The image I've used is obviously rather sexy, and I DO see the benefits of that look when with a certain someone. Unfortunately, a fallen bra strap when you're trying to carry groceries or traveling on a bus or trying to hold on to childrens' hands is just plain uncomfortable! I know there are products on the market that would help me to keep them up, but are there any home remedies I could use instead? Have you ever had this problem? What do you do to solve it? Are certain brands more susceptible to this problem?