Study dilemma?

February 23, 2008 4:40am CST
What would you do if your parents ceaselessly pestered you to study for a subject that you know deep inside that you will pass? Would you listen to your parents or tell them that you will definitely pass the paper? Share with me your opinions. Don't worry, there's no right or wrong for this question, it's all about your opinion and howyou justify it.
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@jess368 (3368)
• United States
11 Jun 08
Well I don't really know. my mom never pestered me. I think its smart to study. I also think it helps you retain more information into your long-term memory, rather than the short-term. If you know that you have retained all of the information, I would relay that to your parents. If they still think you should study, have them quiz you on the information. If that does not work, well they are your parents, an we should always try to keep our parents happy.
• Australia
11 Jun 08
Yeah, you have good points there.....actually, I did ask my parents to test me once on my exam material, but all they tested me was whether I could just recall information; they didn't know much about the material so that's the most they could test me. It didn't really help much because in the exam, what was tested was more of application-type questions. But yeah, all in all we should not be too overconfident and there's always that potential to forget information, even though we're already so familiar with the study material. Thanks for your input!
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@sleblanc (114)
• Canada
23 Feb 08
in my opinion i think it's still safe to study, even if you know you're going to ace it. i'd rather be safe than sorry. however, when my parents pester me to study (not so much now that i live away from them at university, but all the time throughout high school) it just made me not want to study! you have to figure out your own habits and such, and at the same time realize that your parents are just trying to help because they have been through it already, right? haha!
• Australia
23 Feb 08
Yeah, I guess you are right. But it's just that sometimes we feel to lazy to study so we give reasons not to study. Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it! =)
@Canellita (12058)
• United States
14 May 09
There is no such thing as being too prepared. You can review your material, you can ask your parents to quiz you. They will soon see if you are prepared.
• China
11 Apr 09
my parents never pestered me when i was a student, they know their son can contral himself. have a nice day, mylotting.
@qinqinoen (127)
• China
9 Apr 09
My parents never pestered me to stusy for a subject.They just said to me that if you will ace a test,we will be very happy,otherwise you should pay more attention to your study. If I encouter your problem and have the confidence to pass I will tell them the truth.
• India
5 Apr 09
ya we will have hatred on our parents. but what i usually i do is , i generally keep my book on the table and i carry on whatever activity i am interested in ( listening to songs or internet)