What has God done in your life?

United States
February 24, 2008 4:10pm CST
I know I have been through some hard times, but God has definitely delivered and been there for me. What are your stories?
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@nengs10 (3188)
• Philippines
17 Mar 08
God is truly amazing. He never left us in despair. He was always there. We may not apparently see his presence but He is working things out silently in His own ways. God has let me survived the hardest times of my life. When I feel very unsafe and scared, He was just there to cloth me with his power and might.
• United States
26 Feb 08
Oh! My goodness, iPaRKeR. I could write a book about the things God has done in my (our) lives. I have witnessed miraculous healing and blessings on a daily basis most of my life. I have been delivered from numerous ailments and demons, and so has my husband. We have witnessed God's hand in every area of our lives, too numerous to mention.
• United States
24 Feb 08
God has definately done alot for me and my family. I can say that with no hesitations at all. When our electric and water was cut off my family was truly down on our luck. I mean we were praying but we weren't getting immediate answers from God. I believe God was listening but not reactting because we only gave praise, thanks and called on him when we found ourselves in a jam. Well we were entering in almost a month without electric or water and I began to pray like I never had before. God started talking to me and telling me to put my faith in him and keep praying. I did as he asked of me and in about 3 days I don't know where the money came from but our lights and water were back on. It had to be the man from above and I still believe it was him. So if you do as you are asked God will fix anything.