Table manners

@Swaana (1208)
February 25, 2008 4:50am CST
Recently I had been to a restaurant where it is just compulsory to eat food only with fork and spoons and using your hand to eat is regarded as something unethical. Though I dont generally go to these places where it is a compulsion, I had to go there as it is a business meet with family. Obviously you cannot expect kids to be so well table mannered. Though my host didnot take it very seriously, the waiters made a fuss over it. The kids eating with their hands. Is it necessary to insist the kids about table manners.
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@vicky30 (4777)
• India
5 Apr 08
Big people can manage eating with forks and spoons.but i don't think so small children will be very difficult for them to eat food.they will waste a lot of time also they will spill the food and create a mess on the table.outside i don't think it is necessary to insist the kids about table manners.
@checapricorn (16066)
• United States
4 Apr 08
Table manners is always part of our life but considering kids, I guess parents are responsible to teach them so when they are in public resto, they will behave according to that is expected! Correcting them is not also fair for me, they use their hands means they are more comfortable in that way, let it be, when they will start growing up, they will change without anyone telling them to do so! We just need to train and give time for these kids!
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
27 Mar 08
Well customer are always right yea , if they are so fussy about how we eat , we can always complain to them ... of course we must teach the children about about table manners but seriously if they are on a special date or on business
@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
29 Feb 08
Well, if the child is very young... then i think using the fingers is understandable... but if the kids are old enough... there is a certain degree that they should behave and follow the rules.. but i don't think waiters should over react in this matter... there is such a thing as bending the rules a little when it comes to customer service... As long as it is not vulgar and the kids are not making a scene out of it... then it is okay...
@channuk (23)
• Philippines
28 Feb 08
if i can remember it right a child in Canada with Philippine- born Parents was treated unfairly because he/she used spoon and's this world that is becoming a global village there should be great tolerance towards the culture of other people..but on the other hand there is wisdom in the saying "if you're in Rome do what the Romans are doing." This themed restos are like embassies that when u enter them its like entering a legal turf and you are subject to respect the culture inside. Taking notice on what you said about the waiters they shoud have been as polite as they should have been since you are a costumer..but if they don't care to lose you as one active market and your connection of friends as potential market then we cannot do anything about it.. It's like the issue about Tommy Hilfiger allegedly expressing in one of his interviews that he doesn't want Asians wearing his clothing..see