February 26, 2008 1:46pm CST
for those of you who write on helium. How much do you earn each day from your articles? not including marketplace or contests. I have about20 articles and average at about 5c per day. Is it worth advertising on digg or deli.cio.us, does that really help with earnings? any info you can give is much appreciated
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@ESKARENA1 (18299)
26 Feb 08
I write on Helium and dont get much per day, but I honestly dont think that is the point. Rather it gives you a chance to expose your material to a wider audience blessed be
• France
27 Feb 08
I write on helium and earn a lot of money from my writing and what I learned was the more good quality content you post, the more you earn. At the moment, I am earning between 400-500 dollars a month from 1250 articles, and the more you write, the more you earn especially if you write on things you are passionate about and have a lot of knowledge on.
27 Feb 08
Thingywatsit - some great stats there
@apaiktos (158)
• Greece
8 Mar 08
These are superb stats! Keep on thingy with such good willing to write i am sure you will not have any problem to earn even more from your articles.
@kiran1978 (4137)
• Australia
27 Feb 08
I have kind of lost motivation for Helium since finding mylot, this site is alot better paying, I have about 27 articles there and I think I make about 90cents a month. I am currently sitting on about $10.70 and I have been there since about June last year. Whereas here in mylot I am now on $11.00 and that has taken me 1 month. Plus these articles on helium require alot more thought and effort to get little payout. I think helium is good if your articles get recognised in the marketplace by a publisher. Have you won any contests or been paid in marketplace? You have to be careful digging your articles, it does increase earnings slightly, but I think digg blocks alot of articles published from helium as I think it is more of a news site.
27 Feb 08
many thanks for your response - I haven't tried to write anything for Marketplace as I have found most subjects are American focused. I am currently in one contest where I have fluctuated from 2nd to about 7th, think I am one place out of the money at the moment, so will leapfrog an article or two later today