need some innovative ideas for fete

fete scene - fete includes stalls of various types, where people come for enjoyment
@gharinder (2044)
February 27, 2008 8:18am CST
our school is going to organise a fete in the month of april, so i need some fresh innovative ideas for fete. what kind of stalls can we have on this day. i hope all the mylotians have been a part of these stalls, so your suggestions are most welcome. the only limitation is that the investment for that particular stall shouldnt cost high, since the school wants maximum benefit with minimum investment.
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@jennybianca (12914)
• Australia
28 Feb 08
Is each class running a stall? Have a Jar-a-thon. This is where every child in the class brings one jar to school. Each jar must be filled with a useful item. It could be rice, pasta, lollies or anything of value./ There is no limit on jar size, but it wouldn't be fair to have a jars too small. If time, the top of each jar can be covered with pretty material. The idea is that you have a bucket full of stand. If there are 50 jars, then you need 50 popsticks. Label each popstick from one to 50. Label each jar from one to 50. Bury the bottom half of each popstick in the sand, so that the number is covered. The idsea os that people pay $1.00, to choose a popstick from the sand. Whatever the number is that they get, is the number of the jar they can have. As an incentive, when I ran a stall like this, I had a very large decorative jar full of lollies. The incentive was that everyone wanted to win that big, fancy, lolly jar.
@gharinder (2044)
• India
3 Mar 08
thanks jenny, that's really a wonderful idea.