In which way do current events influence your travels?

February 28, 2008 11:48pm CST
Ever since I started traveling, people are worried that something is going to happen because the news reports about horrible kidnappings, floodings, hurricanes or whatever in the area I'm going to. Now I'm not totally insane and will check stories out if they seem really, REALLY serious, but otherwise, it doesn't affect me and I'll still go, as I have realized that exageration seems to be more the norm than exception. What about you?
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@mrtimharry (1180)
29 Feb 08
now there are plenty of places I wouldn't visit - such as war zones, but you are just as likely to die at home as you are abroad. You can get kidnapped, hit by a storm, get caught in an explosion (bomb or gas)in any country so why let it worry you?
@vipulchawla (2220)
• India
29 Feb 08
If you are talking about the Current Affairs that happen in the world.. I don't care about them .. neither i travel so much .. but ya there are some personal events due to which my travel gets delayed.. a recent example of this is as follows:: I had been longing to visit home after 4 months of training in my job at a place which is about 1700 kms from my home town.. then later on i heard that my cousin brother's weddign is fixed for a month after my training gets over.. So i decided to leave then thereby delaying my visit to home by a month.. The events which followed were more worse .. After I got posted to a different location . i had another month of training due to which i could not go home to attend the marriage..a month delay... And now i have another occasion ( annual convocation of my college .. to receive my graduation degree that day ) on 11th of march.. but my training gets over on 10th march.. and leaving then means won't give me enough time to stay at home either. So i hope to visit my home in April now..that would be after 7 months..Hope it doesn't get delayed this time