My son's operation was canceled

February 29, 2008 6:29am CST
If I say I am angry that does not even scrach the surface. I got a letter saying that my son's operation will now be in mid April. The stupid operation was suposed to be in 12 weeks time from 4 Oct this would make it 6 months. And they contact me 6 days before the operation to tell me that in mean time my husband already got time off from work to be in the hospital and help look after him when he got home. I wish I could aford private health cover.
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@ashjoe76 (1434)
• India
2 Mar 08
That sounds outrageous to me friend - not a way to treat common people. I wonder whether we could do something about this. Like, file a case mentioning the damages done? One has to react in situations like these. Perhaps you should get some support from friends.
• Australia
2 Mar 08
it would do no good at all. they say the public system is overloded and that the way it is if you dont like it go to private hospital. I know of cases where kids had to wait for years and been given hormons to keep the tonsils in control and the kids have balooned from the hormons. when I called once they told me that there is kids in much worse situation than my son that have waited longer.
@childsca (39)
• United States
29 Feb 08
Hi violeta...I'm sorry to hear about that. What kind of operation is it? I live in the US so we have private health you in Australia or is it socialized? In America here there are many of us that want universal health care because of issues with private care.
• Australia
1 Mar 08
We have public care caled medicare that everyone gets no if no buts the sistem needs to improve when it comest to operations but its ok for day to day. We do have private system as well but we simply cant afford it with paying off a home and me been at home. The problem with my son is his hearing his tonsils are very big and his adnoid so they block the ear canals a lot and he is unable to hear properly expecially when he gets a cold (he gets that a lot) his speach is relly low for a child his age so to have to wait another 6 weeks its beyond any word I can think of right now.