mobile affect the health?

@dzxq666 (159)
March 5, 2008 9:53pm CST
yesterday i get information from newspaper, if long time use mobile phone, it will affect the health serious, especially for the ear and brain. I'm afrid, is that true? if true, how should we do, i can't leave the cell phone everyday.
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• Bangladesh
6 Mar 08
yes it is true. the cell phone has a magnetic receiver, which receive the sound frequency from the wave. the frequency is harmful for our health. When we use cell phone for long time,it attack our brain cell, which can be turned in brain cencer.
@vicky30 (4777)
• India
6 Mar 08
yes it's true that using mobile phones affect our health .it affects th ear and the brain.i also read in my newspaper that it affects he skin also.The better solution is to use the mobile phone very few times in a day or talk to a friend for half an hour not more than that.
@julyteen (13259)
• Davao, Philippines
6 Mar 08
yes it is true...radiation from your mobile phone will kill your body cells but can't notice it because the effect is not instant it will carried so many years...some people used anti radiation on their cellphone to prevent this bad effects...
@nicksy (178)
• Philippines
6 Mar 08
well that is true based on what we had experiment where we put an egg(raw) between two Cellphone that is currently active in line, and after 15 mins we observe that the egg shell has little marks like it was microwaved, imagine everytime you use your cellphone, little by little your brain is being microwaved. but i suggest you to use the speaker phone (that i think all new model have), to lessen the risk neearing the cellphone in your head.