Whats For Dinner Tonight - SOLUTION

@joycey (76)
March 8, 2008 7:41pm CST
Each day I come home from work and have to face that daily decision of what to cook for dinner. I ask my son and my husband what they would like for dinner and these are the responses: Husband - whatever Son - I dunno. I have now come up with an idea to save the daily chore of "whats for dinner". The Idea - write down all the meals you can think of on small pieces of paper. Sort the meals into catorgories such as chicken, beef, pork etc, and place them facedown on the table. Grab a calander for the current week or month and start selecting the meals. Make sure you choose meals from different catorgories for each day, I include a "snack meal" catorgory for Friday nights. Write the meals on the calender as you go. You can then write your shopping list knowing exactly what food to buy. I find this makes shopping easier and cheaper as you don't end up buying food you don't need. I'm now going to start cooking/preparing some of the meals on a weekend so I don't need to cook as much after a day at work (I'm a kitchen hand so I cook all day as my job)
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@olivemai (4738)
• United States
9 Mar 08
I know what you mean! We started doing our menu in a similar way too! My husband loves to cook and my son is taking a cooking class, so he likes to cook too! I find you have to be able to substitute a different meal once in a while, being flexible in case someone eats some of the ingredients that you were saving. Tonight I made lasagna, and my son and I traded cooking nights! He did make pancakes for breakfast, as we do not have a menu for breakfast and lunch. I also like to cook several meals on the weekend to save time during the week.
@joycey (76)
• Australia
9 Mar 08
you're lucky - a husband and son that like to cook, my hubby finds it hard enough to decide what he wants let alone cook it as well. I'll have to start teaching my son (7yrs old)to cook soon.
@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
9 Mar 08
thats really an ingenious way of doing and you have everything planned out. good for you. I have to cook for myself but since I have lots of time now I am retired I scan the web for good recipes of my favorites then I make my one serving version of them always being sure to have some veggies and lean protein and fruit. I have diabetes so must eat healthily to control my blood glucose. However tonight I am eating light as I have the stomach flu and really am not even hungry but if I do not eat I risk low blood sugar. this bug really does a number on your appetite.