I work mostly all night, as i have no time AM how many hours sleep is reasonable

United States
March 9, 2008 7:34am CST
I have a day job, at home care taking, and it consumes me so i do not get to my laptop sometimes till well after 6pm. If i am out on a tech support call, i take full advantage of getting my job on line and service call done. I have been up since about noon yesterday till 8:30 a.m. today, and I will sleep till about noon again. There is no pressure thank goodness on my sleeping. The person i look after is pretty self reliant, still drives etc. Just occasionally needs reminding to do things, and i keep the house and make a meal a day. But i am worried that i don't get out enough, and if I add getting out to my time...well I am not at the place i can just let me business run itself. But i need to get balance..any tips on sleep out there?
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@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
9 Mar 08
I need on average 9 hours sleep otherwise I am very grumpy, irritable and cannot function properly, your body will tell you how much sleep you need, if you listen to it. Some people only need six or seven hours of sleep, other people need much more, it also depends on the climate, I can sleep less in the Summer and more in the winter. Like when you are hungry you body will tell you when and how much sleep you require my friend.
@ayou82 (3460)
• Philippines
9 Mar 08
The reasonable sleeping hours 6 hours is enough I guess.. you have to relax your brain properly in order to function in your daily routines. Gives you the strength you need.