last day on earth?...

March 9, 2008 9:09pm CST
last time.. In our school we made a presentation about the solar system.. I was the one who take the charge of doing it. when I was collecting video clips, pictures, informations about solar system. I have watch in youtube about the last day on earth.I was really shock!.. And I am so scared.. because the last day on earth will be on 2029.. And that time I think I am still alive.. And there was a moment that the speaker said that there can a possible to have a peace on earth that everybody will sorry to each other and every people here on earth will be good to each other.. How about you?.. what will you think will happen if the last day on earth will come? what will you do? me?.. I don't know.. hehe.. ^_ maybe I'll just be with my family and waith for that time.. But before that I want everybody will get saved.. and all of us will go to heaven.. nothing, nobody no one knows when will that rapture come.. but if this is what we call last day really... maybe it's the time for every people here to change.. change for the Good.. Have a great day to all!.. ^_
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• Philippines
10 Mar 08
Thats very patriotic... Well we cant do anything if this thing happened... Thats why, while we still have time.. Then we need to use our time wisely and truly useful.. So we wont regret anything when this time comes... Love yourself... Love your family, friends, enemies... Let there be peace on earth! Dont wit for the enbd of the world.. Act now .. hehe
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• Philippines
11 Mar 08
hehe.. nice to meet you kababayan!.. ^_ yeah that's true.. thanks for the comment..
@ahgong (10066)
• Singapore
18 Jun 08
2029? did they have an exact date? Which documentary did you watch? Can share the title with me? I would love to be able to watch it too. What led to the last day on earth to be predicted? Global warming? Over consumption of resources? Meteorite crashing into earth?