What are your thoughts about Triond.com?

@apaiktos (158)
March 10, 2008 9:41am CST
I register at Triond a week ago and for learning purpose i immediately upload a photo to see how long will it take to be live over the internet, how many views will it take without any special effort and of course how much money will make. All these in a period of a week from my registration day. Since now i have approximately 100 views and $5 cents. What are your thoughts about? Do you like Triond? Do you think that deserves to publish your content via their website?
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@Radamel (122)
• Turkey
12 Mar 08
I have been writing for Triond for six months.Triond is extremely good site to oublish your contents and make money.However,if you want to make money,you should publish articles not photo.By publishing photos,you can't earn much money.As average,Triond pays you 50 cents for 1000 views of photo.This is very low.I advice you write articles about health and nutrition.You articles about health and nutrion are published in Healthmad and Trifter.However,your photos are published in Triond.Another thing is you have to promote it in a way such as adding your sites to social bookmarking and social networking sites and of course blogs.If you a possibility of exchanging links with other individuals who have a great amount of visitors to their site. They pay 15th day of every month.They really pay without problem.My thoughts about Triond are positive enough.Keep publishing your contents in Triond.
@apaiktos (158)
• Greece
12 Mar 08
I think it is not far away of what you describe. At first look, it seems quite attractive to me too. Maybe i will give it a try in the near future by publishing a little bit of everything(articles, photos, audios and videos). I ll keep your advice about health and nutrition but i can not say that i am an expert on that. Just the most basics like fruits and vegetables.
@DocterDew (902)
• United States
25 Mar 08
I think it's great. Nothing out there short of making your own blog can get you more money for writing articles. $650 in 3 months is going to beat what I would have made anywhere else.
@drannhh (15229)
• United States
16 Mar 08
I love Triond and have been a member there for nine months. I agree that photos do not pay as much as articles, but articles can be about whatever interests you. I do not write there just for the money, but it is nice that they pay every month automatically with a very low minimum. For me it is easier to share an article published on the internet with my friends than to sit down and say the same thing over and again in letters to my friends and family. My reasoning is if something is worth showing or telling my friends, it is worth putting online and if it earns a few dollars, that is OK, too. Instead of paying postage, I am earning a little lunch money. All of my articles have been accepted within a day or two. I haven't calculated the earnings down to the penny, but each one seems to generate between $4 and $5 USD in passive income per 1000 visitors, which I consider completely acceptable.