What is your opinon on the programme?

March 13, 2008 7:41am CST
I thinkk this programe is cool, its about a true stroy. Sue Thomas is deaf and has made it into the FBI, she has a hearing dog with her Levi. Her colleagues sign language to her but she can read lips, shes very good when doing an observation or watching a video as she reads their lips!! For those who havent seen i watch it on Hallmark, not sure how many series they have done.
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@podqueen (344)
14 Mar 08
I've just posted a discussion about this too! I never used to watch it but recently have enjoyed the episodes - they're not too complicated so it's easy to follow. Maybe we're the only two who watch it! I love Levi. She is very good at lip reading and signing and I'v seen Deanne (Sue Thomas) appear in other TV series like CSI and Diagnosis Murder. I'm dying to find out if Sue and Jack get it together - they make such a cute couple! Did you know her real husband is Troy? The deaf mechanic who occasionally appears in some of the episodes?
16 Mar 08
I have only recently started watching Hallmark thanks to my boyfriends mum. I think its on the second poss third series. I really would love to be able to sign language! I think Sue and Jack should get it together but hen it might comprise their working relationship. I think i did read somewhere that Troy is her husband. Levi is a gem!!