when was your last confession?

March 16, 2008 12:19pm CST
I had my last confession... ei... i cant remember. lol. whch means its been so long that i havent had my confession. how about you?
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@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
16 Mar 08
Hi poisonivez, I take it that you are a Roman Catholic, and talking about confessing to a priest. I live in Canada and confession to a priest almost never happens here anymore, it seems the church has given up on the practice, unless someone requests it. Although I'm not a Roman Catholic myself, my wife is a member of that church. I see a lot of changes coming in all the Christian churches, and hopefully we can eventually see a better world because of it. Blessings.
• Norway
17 Mar 08
Hi.. I know that I must confess since its very necessary for us,Roman Catholics, to do that. Its just that I am more comfortable confessing to the priest in our place than here. And as long as i remember God and as long as I talk to him almost everyday, its just like im already confessing to Him.
@jesbellaine (4157)
• Philippines
19 Apr 08
Ooooppssss.. you got me there! I don't remember. I think it was when I was in college before graduation.
@maykxlot (49)
• Philippines
23 Mar 08
Consfessing our sin should be done everyday because we are still in this corruptible flesh which always want to pull us down to sin.
@sidonna (64)
• Jamaica
16 Mar 08
what do you call confession? to me confession is a everyday thing because it's impossible to go through a whole day perfect we either curse,make fun of someone,hurt someone mentally,physically or even tell a white lie.so everyday of your life is a confession even your negative thoughts