What were you like in High School?

United States
March 16, 2008 3:42pm CST
Were you popular, a geek, an outcast or troublemaker? I was a outcast/geek and I don't miss High School at all. If you were popular how did you do it? How did you make friends so easily? If you were a troublemaker what made it so thrilling?
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@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
16 Mar 08
I was a freak. I started out pretty much just an unpopular outcast, but I became pretty much one of the most popular among the "counterculture" type group. We referred to ourselves as "freaks", though the makeup of this group was pretty much Goths and skaters. It's funny because a lot of people were surprised by my intelligence, since I wasn't what is generally considered to be a "nerd". I rarely paid attention in classes, and missed a lot, but always got excellent scores on tests and knew the answers to any questions I was asked. I could easily have become known as a nerd if I didn't already have the reputation I did, which largely came from being from a non-mainstream religion, having some really dark poetry published, and having a bad family situation.
@gemini_rose (16193)
16 Mar 08
I did not fit in at all, I was a late starter at my high school due to my mum and dad moving me, and so I joined my new school halfway through the 2nd year or year 8 as its known now. No one really liked me, well no one popular, and so I was left with all the swots and geeks. However by 4th year of high school I had enough of swots, I started smoking, being a bad girl, and soon found myself being somewhat accepted by the most popular girls in school! You have no idea how good that made me feel, but it was also the start of a downward slide for me, and with hindsight I wish I had opted to stick with the geeks.
• United States
16 Mar 08
I was akind of a geek but I also had a lot of friends. My school was really small but I practically knew everyone and was friends with everyone. There was not a day where I would walk the hallways and someone would scream my name out from across the hallway or I would stop to talk to a bunch of people that i knew but didn't hang out with. So you could say that I was a popular-geek.