do you want to buy some good things from China at good prices??

March 17, 2008 10:14am CST
I am in China. I am a chinese girl. Pls let me know if you need to buy some goods things from China at low prices?? if you want and no one in China can arrange for you .Pls let me know, I can do my best to help you. I hope I can do some small business at home. thanks for you all in advance.
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@barehugs (8985)
• Canada
17 Mar 08
China is quickly getting a very bad reputation in North America. First,Poisonous ingredients in pet food killed and injured hundreds of pet Cats and Dogs. Then we find Tooth-paste in the stores made with poison ingredients and stating," Made in Africa" on the label. Food shipped from China contain harmful bacteria because the Chinese factories have no Quality control. Chinese Honey is mixed with sucrose and water. WE are used to eating Pure Honey! The List goes on and on. Low prices from China only means that the quality is lower and the food may be Poisonous. North Americans demand Higher Standards from China before they will buy food from China. Childrens Toys are painted with lead paint that will make the children sick. So we don't want any toys from China either. You tell me what is Safe to buy from China? Can you guarantee the High Standards we Demand?
• China
18 Mar 08
I know all about that from News. But from all the surface. do you know the ture?? Yes, you found something no good from China and you did not find good anything from China?? all food from China are poisonous?? and all tooth-paste are contain poison ingredients? all honey is mixed with sucrose and water?? and all toys will make the childre sick?? if so, why China have so many people?? and why Chinese can live more and more long?? and you sure eveything in USA are all O.K?? No, human is not the god, no one can do 100%, this is the ture. the only reason is that you make a mistake or you do a bad job, someone use a mag. lamp to enlarge it. And when they make a mistake, they hide it. and you sure the label"made in africa" is sticked by China, not the trader there ask to do that or stick theyself????????Some friends who lived in Canada come back China. they tell me that they can see Chinese everywhere there. Cloths are from China, Carry bag is from China, Tooth-paste is from China,sleeper is from China. they use Chinese things every day and they really are in good health. and our customers from UK are wearing a jacket buy from China. and he told me he bought it 2 years ago. and I am for a beauty salon equipment factory, our customers are from All over the world. USA, CANADA, THER NETHERLAND, FRANCE,UK, BELGIUM, CZECH, AFRICA,SURINAM, ITALY, JAPAN, SINGAPORE, Korea......... and we keep busy even the USA Put heavy presure on China to lifting up our cuccency. In past, 1USD can get 8.26rmb. but now, we only can get 7rmb from 1USD. So we have to lift up our price accordingly. because most of the customs pay by USD. But they still buy from us. why??? the only reason is they can buy acceptable quality at reasonable price. this is the ture. if Chinese thing really so bad, why they can sell a lot. and why their customers will buy from them? our belgium customers told me that our quality are more and more good, of course, can not compare to products from Italy now. But they need our beds to sell different cutomers. they also buy from Italy at high prices. but they said they will tell customers this is from China and how much is it, and this is from Italy and how much is it. and let they choose. So Pls say "no"to everything from China just because something is not good enough now. one product is no good does not mean eveything are no good. many people can not live without Chinese products.