How much it cost you in your country ?

March 17, 2008 1:32pm CST
How much it cost you in your country for a hair cut, in India we need to pay around one dollar for good hair cut but if a person wants to pay more and good saloon it cost him around $ 15 for single hair cut.
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18 Mar 08
That is crazy. Wow! Well here a guy pays a minimum of 10 dollars to get their hair cut but that is the cheapest possible probably. I am female and pay a whopping $240 to get my hair done. That is a cut and colour and I don't mind paying it cos they do a fantastic job. I wish I could get my hair cut for a dollar though. I can't even buy a can of juice for a dollar here. I live in scotland by the way.
• Canada
18 Mar 08
WOW that is tooo much amount of money .... here in India is very much cheap than
18 Mar 08
You pay roughly £120 for an hair cut ??????? well atleast you will have some spare money when you give up smoking lol
• China
18 Mar 08
in china almostly 3$ each person! the price is riseing
@MsEddie86 (236)
• United States
18 Mar 08
well for females its a bit more expensive than that. when i got my hair cut and got a relaxer out in and it was styled it cost about $90 that was alot but i was very pleased with the outcome. but the reason it cost so much was because of the amount i cut off i prob cut about 6 inches off so thats why she charged so much. but for my brother he says he pays normally when he doesnt cut his own hair about $20 for everything and then if he wants to get his hair line edged up its $15
@jennybianca (12914)
• Australia
18 Mar 08
For myself it is cheap where I go to get my hair cut at $23.00. For my daughter, aged 14 years, it is $17.00. A lot of hair dressers are much more expensive than this.
@mark17779 (667)
17 Mar 08
My hair cut (skinhead) is free as it it done at home. If i was to go to a barber shop then I would be looking at paying around £5.00. If I was to go to a proper salon id be looking at around £20.00.