Eastenders and the women that kill...

March 18, 2008 4:44pm CST
I can't believe that eastenders is going to turn yet another female cast member into a killer!! Tanya is going to bury Max alive!! oh for pities sake....how many women in one square could seriously turn to murder? Lets recap.... =Cindy tries to kill Ian with a hired hitman (this one you can forgive) =Chrissy killed Dirty Den, and buries him in the cellar. =Lisa tried to kill Phil by shooting him. =Janine killed Barry, and now Tanya is gonna bump off Max! Please feel free to let me know if i missed anyone out??????????
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@anonymili (3138)
24 Mar 08
Well thank God I saw this evening's episode before I responded to this discussion. Tanya couldn't handle the guilt so she went back to the woods and dug Max up and after a heavy conversation with him, he said he would leave as he has been making her so unhappy, it's quite a good ending to their traumatic past few months. I think it was written quite well. I didn't want her to forgive him quite so easily but I was hating the way her character was seen to turn into a drunk and embarrassment when she really needed to hold it together! Thank God the scriptwriters have seen sense and written a sensible ending (although who knows if this is the end of Tanya and Max really?). Now we have to watch crazy Sean go nutty on her LOL!
25 Mar 08
Wasn't it a good episode!!!! She is such a good actress when it comes to panic and hysteria lol I'm not to sure about the reality of Max walking off into the sunset though?! I feel almost sure that his character would not walk away from his children and even more sure that he wouldn't leave them with a woman so obviously unstable! Not disputing she loves her children, but she did admit to not being well. I think him leaving like he did is more down to shock, once he gets over that intial fright, he'll think clearly and get very bloody angry-like a normal person. Then again its not me writting the script, so who knows what'll happen??
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@anonymili (3138)
21 Apr 08
I think they've left it this way so he is able to return - maybe the guy who plays Max wanted a break from the show. It seems that Tanya and Jack might have a little thing and that would really kill Max as he's always had an issue with Jack. It would be a nice way of Tanya getting revenge although I think there would be real chemistry there between them but I also like his chemistry with Ronnie so that could turn into one hell of a cat fight situation too lol!
22 Apr 08
I was wondering if that was the plan, and after tonights show it seems likely that jack will use tanya to illicit a reaction from ronnie, but then he'll accidendently fall for her. Loved the minty and heather thing tonight......
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@lancingboy (1386)
• United States
22 Apr 08
The only one of those that you mentioned that I have seen is where Lisa shot Phil. Janine hasn't killed Barry yet, although I've seen the clip from the official website. Right now where I live, Janine is having an affair with Ian and Laura is getting suspicious.
22 Apr 08
ooooohh loads of things i could tell, but won't spoil it for you (unless you want me too) You've got it all to come, has Laura had the baby yet, has that plot been done? Where are you viewing east enders, your about a good 5-6 years behind us
18 Mar 08
I think its starting to take the micky a bit now and is certainly grasping at straws, the soaps are meant to be a reflection of real life! sure that is not anything like real life, well not where i come from anyway!
19 Mar 08
Can you imagine the state of us all it was a reflection of true life, that would mean that almost every tenth house we passed with be home to a would be killer-we'd be nervous wrecks!