scientists find a new planet......

March 20, 2008 9:00am CST
Nasa scientists have discovered the 1st planet beyond the solar system that contains water and methane, often a sign of life. Planet HD189733b which is 63 light years away has a surface temperature hot enough to melt steel. It would be really good if we could find life in the solar system and very interesting to see if the "aliens" look anything like we make them out to be in movies.
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@Amagnimo (637)
• India
20 Mar 08
its good news really, but can you provide the link as to from where did you find this news or atleast tell something more about it?
20 Mar 08
It was in a UK daily newspaper called " the sun ". If you are not from the UK then visit and it should show it in there. If not visit NASA web site as it should be on there.
• United States
20 Mar 08
That is so cool. I hope they do find life, because all of this is so interesting. I think it's crazy to think that we are the only ones that live in this universe. There has to be more people, or aliens out there. But who knows maybe a few years from now we will finally know.