on the 40th annivrsary of my Lai...do you trust US as world police?

@Perry123 (363)
March 20, 2008 10:06pm CST
I do not. I also do not think rcognition of kosovo is anything other than a continuation of US imperialism there started under Clinton. Kosovo is now recognised as an independent state by several western countries; including the USA UK and France. This is in clear legal breach of the United Nations resolution which calls for all party agreement on the issue: ie taking into account Serbia. Clearly it is out of order. So why does the usa recognise a state who has less claim to independence than the Sioux do the Lakotah? hardly surprising in the same week therepublic of lakotah asked russia and Serbia to recognis their independence.but why is the USA so interested in kosovo? Well because that gives the USA a clear thoroughfare to the Caspian and oil; yet again. Okay let me backtrack a little and remind you that at the start of the clinton admin osama bin Laden was a US stooge who was a guest of the Bosnian parliament via the CIA. So any Amricans think you are going to get off the hook by blaming it all on Bush forget it. The world is SICK of the US playing policeman whoever is in power. A recnt russian journalist askd amricans on the streetwhat they thought of the recent invasion of cheyneystan by Russia. A made up country. They were all calling for the USA to go in hard. Worth knowing only 4%of Amercans have a passport and they didn't even recognise cheyneystan as a made up country. Now the uSa postures at Russia. yet again russia send out the olive branch. we're getting sick of it. all foreign policy action of the USA is transparently corrupt to the rest of the world. NO WAY ARE UK GOING TO FIGHT RUSSIA. We'd rather fight the uSa. you may have think you won thewar in 1945 but we rememeber the russians did. When are Amricans going to heed the advice of ron paul and stay out of things they do not understand. its not all white hat cowboy black hat cowboy and Kossovo is a casein point. Some people remember the Skanderbeg SS. So please america...stop it. I ask this three weeks after the my Lai massacre 40th anniversary in case anyone thinks the usa is fit to be world policeman. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/64344.stm they may forgive you for that but I saw it on TV as a child and i NEVER will trust as US uniform again. and neither should you; www.libertyforlife.com/jail-police/us_concentration_camps.htm "I am not going to start world war three for you" General Sir Micheal Jackson to US commander general Clark at Pristina airport
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@cripfemme (7714)
• United States
21 Mar 08
I don't think any one country should be the world police. If there is someone who needs to be dealt with the entire world ought to collectively deal with that person or country rather than trustingone country to go it alone and make decisions for everyone else.