How different are you children

United States
March 21, 2008 11:13pm CST
I think if I didnt know my children had the same genes and I gave birth to them, I would probably think they were switched at birth. My oldest child is laid back. Hes lazy,unless he knows its really benefiting him. He dont have a care in the world. Gets in trouble and doesnt have a reaction, make a facial expression or even cry. He is very intelligent with one of the highest grades in his kindergarten class. Hes a quick learner,but gives up easy. He also loves to read. Hes clumsy, lol. He has early "selective hearing" lol. And sometimes acts as if he doesnt understand simple instructions(I think thats an act). Hes friendly and talks to anybody. He can make friends easily and loves to talk. My middle child is the opposite in some ways. He is a determined child. He loves to try and try. He loves to clean and help around the house. He has so much energy. He is smart and will not give up at all. Sometimes I think the determination is a bad thing because he wants what he wants no matter what anybody says. He loves to learn but it often takes time for him to catch on. He also loves to read. Hes shy and doesnt talk to strangers. He sits and observes until he is comfortable. He hears everything and is a very curious child. My youngest is a little mix of both his brothers. However he has a bit more of my middle son in him then my oldest. He is very determined and doesnt care what anybody says, he must have his way. He is very curious (but what 16 month old isnt). He loves to try to read and to be read to. He's a very quick learner. Hes also shy and will stand on the sides to observe. He loves to clean and is constantly taking the vacuum cleaner from his brother so he can clean up too, lol. Hes only 16 months old so some of his personality traits might change. Well, thats my kids!! How different are you children?
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@lilybug (21148)
• United States
24 Mar 08
Despite the fast that my 2 children have different fathers they are surprisingly alike. They both have similar personalities. My son is 7 years older than my daughter and so when she acts the way she does I have to explain to him that he was the exact same way when he was a baby.
@x7heavens (365)
• Singapore
22 Mar 08
I agree with you that even they are all our children, they have different personalities and behaviors. I have 7 kids myself, and I find them completely different from each other. My first boy is a shy and soft-spoken person, but can be quite scheming and clever. He is also responsible at times, a character I expect from the first-born. My second is a girl, lazy and selfish, but an intelligent and genius in academic. Also and avid reader and a good researcher. My third child is a girl. She is not so good in studies, but I am glad I have a child like her. Hardworking and helpful, she is a darling, though can be quite bossy to the others at times. My next girl is a princess to me. She is sensible, mature and reliable. Her onlys shortcoming is her temperament, blowing hot and cold. My second boy and fifth child is the protector of the family, always try to defend the elders or younger against outside people. But accompanied with that nature, is an aggressive and no-nonsense attitude. My sixth child, a boy, is the apple of the eye, pampered and unreasonable, but always gives in to the little brother. My baby is the best of all. Cute and adorable, yet fussy and intolerable. He can be quite a handful to take care of. That's it, the characters of my children, different in their own unique way.