Does internet have disadvantages?

@maasha25 (108)
March 23, 2008 8:51am CST
Its worldwide acceptable that Internet is very useful but still there would be disadvantages. What do you think is the disadvantage?
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@s2a2n2 (1732)
• India
27 Mar 08
it depends on how we use it...but lots of disadvantages if we look at it in that sense..but if we concentrate at our business its always advantages...
@saundyl (9690)
• Canada
27 Mar 08
There are some disadvantages that come to mind: The fact that the internet furthers the ability of pedofiles to lure and entrap their prey. Lack of "real" contact between friends...not as much hanging out and watching movies or playing a real board game. you see fewer and fewer dances and social get togethers. You see more and more people getting together on a blog or posting website rather than together in real life. Computer games are much more controlled - the computer figures out the moves and forbids the altering of rules such as in monopoly making deals to make the game last longer. Not being able to really move the game peices. Lack of Vocalization of thoughts and views..people are more comfortable saying what they feel in typing and its harder to take some of that seriously. Things like hugs and kisses are typed and theres no tactile feeling to it and sometimes not even any real meaning to the words. Lack of exercise. Emails or letters and chatting/spelling etc are all less formalized. Using more slang and less care in the typos of words and grammar. (Mentioning which, I apologize for any errors I've made) Those are just a few that popped into my head.
@heaven3 (39)
• Singapore
27 Mar 08
as the worldwide accept, internet is exposed by great amount of informations. there are a lot of rubbish informations. and also, some teenager who are lack of control will be addicted in the web games,and virtal world in the internet
@sophialin (2678)
• China
23 Mar 08
maybe,some disadvantages are not brought by internet,it's our own we know,sitting in front of computer for many hours per day is harmful to our health. on another part,we human being depend on internet too much is loosing some basic skills gradually.the same time we enjoy surfing internet,our personal information is under threaten.