@kezabelle (2985)
March 23, 2008 11:29am CST
When my youngest was born I was taken away by the fact she looked exactly as her big sister did when she was born two years before, it truely was like watching my eldest being born over again. As they have got older they still look so much alike but they are 100% different. My eldest is a thinker quite quiet and can be a little shy until she gets to know someone, she might take a while to pick something up but when she does she puts her heart and soul into it. She is really loving and even at 4 years old will stick up for anyone she thinks is being wronged My youngest though is outgoing loud spoken and generally a little crazy lol, cheeky funny and she loves making people laugh. She is also very bright and can have a conversation pretty much at not even 2 years old. We noticed these difference really early on and nosey that I am I wondered what differences you notice between your children?
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@prasanta (1947)
• India
23 Mar 08
It is found often. It seems the younger one tries to draw more attention. Thus, they try to capture everyone's mind, and talks loudly. elder ones gradually becomes mature and turns introvert.