is wwe is reall aur its computerised??

March 23, 2008 1:21pm CST
i have some doubt that the stunts played by the wrestlers in wwe is it so??
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• Philippines
23 Apr 08
they're right. wwe may be scripted, but its not fake. besides, how can you computerize the stunts when they're done in front of a live audience??? they're well trained thats why wwe keeps reminding people not to try the stunts.
19 Apr 08
they are not because people see the stunts live
@elmiko (6640)
• United States
23 Mar 08
From what I heard from somebody that actually wrestled they move at such a fast pace they don't have time to think exactly what their going to do. Its like if we do this move then it will go in this direction, or if we do another move it will go in another direction. Still though the winner is decided before they even wrestle. Yes, like alot of people say its fake but I prefer to call it acting.