Is there enough food in the world for everyone?

March 23, 2008 11:26pm CST
It is sad to know that :millions of people die every year because they do not have enough food .Lack of food makes people weak.When people are weak they die easily from disease and other cause.
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@pooh08 (672)
• Vietnam
14 Apr 08
I think there isn't enough food in the world for everyone. Every countries always have the people die every year because of hunger although the rich countries.
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@xialinye (1403)
• China
24 Mar 08
i am so worried about these kinda things. i don't think we have enough food for our stomaches.many people waste too much and i hate that. so i guess we don't have enough food for the world.cherish every moment in our life.
• China
25 Mar 08
I agree with you .
@Gordano (794)
• United States
14 Apr 08
Hello ggyy, Indeed there is enough food in the world for everyone, but it is not distributed properly, So what is the Problem & what is the solution ? -- the Problem: is the Food is not distributed properly, -- the solution: the solution was Mentioned 1400 Years ago, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "The Believer is not the one who eats his fill while his neighbor beside him goes hungry." The reference;
• India
13 Apr 08
I believe there is enough food for all. Just that we have not been able to distribute the available food stuff to all ... and so we witness starvation. And it is sad cos people are not concerned.
@sanzi1201 (644)
• China
24 Mar 08
Yes,I'm very sorry to hear that too. We know that the governments salvation them all the time. But,some visitation Providance can't be prevented.