Student life

@leloo2 (114)
March 24, 2008 6:54am CST
What i mean by that? I see in movies big universyties with lots of students walking aroun,going to clasess,to the cantine Here were i live it's not fun at all You have a numbr of materies that you go to several hours a week The hostel it's not spacious ..not allowed to have parties and so on In othr countries i heard you can choose you matters Discussions with professors are more relaxed and everyone helps each other They organise competitions,camping and other activities How is your student life an the univrsity/college that you go to?
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@chenpan (381)
• China
24 Mar 08
Now i still a student live in the univecity.i so regret that i can't make good use of my time.
• China
24 Mar 08
I have the same feeling.When I have lots of time ,I didn't notice that,but now I felt the presure and felt the precious of time.
@cripfemme (7715)
• United States
25 Mar 08
At my undergrad, it was good place with lots of social time plus classes. In grad school, I was more focused on work although I made time for activism and friends. I loved college, both levels, and am looking forward to going back for my doctorate someday soon.
• Georgia
24 Mar 08
Dear Leloo I passed and graduated several Universities and belive me it is up to you and up to your friends to have fun and enjoy the student period.
• Indonesia
24 Mar 08
Indeed was glad in the departing country to the school could not walk and spend the cost, whereas in my country to go kesekolah must the implement transpotasi the public.