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March 24, 2008 3:05pm CST
I have ordered the clay bath and the kids chlat from even and a heavy metal screen test i just received the products in the mail today i did the metal screen test first on my son who is 3 with autism the kit came with a test tube a little peice of paper that you put in the test tube that already has some kind of solution in it once you add the tiny peice of paper you shake gently for 30 seconds till the solution turns green then you add 2 ml of urine and shake for 15 seconds let stand for 30 to 60 seconds if the color changes that means there are high levels of metal in the body if it does not change the first time you add another 2 ml of urine if it changes then there is a medium level of heavy metals if it doesnt change the second time you add another 2 ml of urine if it changes then there are low levels of metals in the bottle and if the solution does not change at all after putting in the 3 seperate 2 ml of urine than there are no metals in the body and the body is naturally ridding the body of harmfull metals when i added the first 2 ml of urine to my sons test tube it changed meaning he has high levels of metals in his body that are not being desposed of like they should after doing the test and seeing the results i then gave him the kids chelat 3 drops in 3 oz of apple juice i am keeping track of what he gets and when he gets it and how he acts and any positive changes he shows i will be giving him the clay bath here in a few minutes i will let you all know how these things work for my son and if they do hopefully you will give them a try im keeping my fingers crossed wish me luck --thanks sandy
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24 Mar 08
Sandy, Good luck. You are doing the right thing. In the past, I used to depend on the doctors (the proffessional) to tell us what is wrong and the tests - they usually order them. I read alot of things about Austim, yes I am a parent to a 5 year old autistic child too. Autistic or not, every child deserves a chance. So I praise you for your effort. The best part, you suspected something was wrong and pursued in getting in fixed. By the way, what were the signs that made you suspect your child had too much metal in his body? The detail instructions is pretty good. I spent hours looking up internet stuff about Autism. The more I read the more I realized not many doctors are familiar with Autism. Insurance don't care about it so many parents are on their own to seek help and pay out of pocket for things. I am interested in finding out at home test that I can perform to find out if she has excessive Candida (AKA yeast). The reason I suspect this, she has been a sickly child and was always prescribed antibioticcs, every time after the treatment, she usually has increase tantrums. I don't know if there is any connection. But her PCP refused to write a referral or issue test for yeast. Insurance also won't approve for me to see a DANS doctor. GOod LUck, and wish me luck with my search too.
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25 Mar 08
first thing i wanna say is if your pcp will not give you a referal find a new doctor girl i have been through 3 doctors pcp for my son if u dont like what they say or if they do not agree or atleast try to see where your coming from then u tell them well i guess i have to get a doctor who will.. there are a few doctors at my pcp (there are more then one doctor at this certain doctors office) that do not agree with me they say its because of his vision and hearing that he is delayed but there is this one doctor who does agree with me and she personally knows my sons developmental specialist so im keeping them or atleast her. I dont know what really made me think that he could have a lot of heavy metals in his body i know there is a link between heavy metals and the GI tract which is the stomach and bowel movements and he always has diarria mushy poop and only has normal poopy lol once in a blue moon which of course if you have researched autism you know that diarria is another symptom of autism or whatever thats not normal. Im not trying to change him i just want to know him you know??? whats his fav color whats his fav food i wanna hear him tell a joke i wanna hear him say i love you If chelation does not help him but i think it will i will try something else. Every mother who has a child with autism should know that the doctors are there employee meaning we are the boss not them and if you set them straight and let them know that, then you will get a lot more accomplished call me crazy but i told my sons developmental specialist "that if one more doctor told me that my son was delayed because of his eyes and ears i was gonna stap" i swear in those exact words and then he shut the f'd up and let me talk lol we have to advocate for our children if we dont noone will they cant speak so we have to speak 4 them
@irishidid (8714)
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21 Jun 08
I'm sorry but why do people waste their money on this crap? My daughter is doing wonderful, has a job and is going to attend college this year. She's autistic and always will be. Not a bit of her success is due to being on weird diets or having the "metal" removed from her body. A scam is a scam is a scam and you have been scammed.
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30 Mar 08
You know, chelation is a pretty serious thing, and you should be in close contact with a doctor if you're chelating your child. Look up a DAN! doctor in your area (DAN! stands for Defeat Autism Now! and their focus is on curing children with autism by biometic means.) If there are dangerous metals in the body, they can cause serious things like seizures when removed. Something else I would do for good (research) measures, is to do the test on yourself or one of your other children who you know does not have autism. If the test comes back with high levels of metals, it would tell that either it's a bunk test, or it's likely not the metals that are causing the autism. Good luck - please keep us posted on how it works/if you see improvements.