What can you say about Jun Lozada?

March 25, 2008 10:06am CST
For me Jun Lozada is just a simple person. A family guy and an ordinary person that boom like a bomb that brought a very hot topic to our country. Jun Lozada for me symbolizes as a model of a loving country person. He sees and knows what is happening to our country today. He just want to show to the public that we have the right to live right and just to our land. Maybe he is tired of anomalies and wrong doings of the supreme people. Maybe some think that it was all lie and others think that jun did this because there is an involvment with him and the zte deal. Maybe of shares.. Maybe also that jun and the people he counters are on the same group and made a hot topic to the media so that some anomalies or bigger anomalies behind zte deal will be covered. What do you thinK??
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• Philippines
22 Apr 08
i think he just want an attention... u know wat, he pretends to be the good one... i think he's the bad one bcoz he allow those things to happen... now that his life was in threat, he reveal the zte scandal,,, and he exaggerates too much..
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@spyjob (214)
• Philippines
18 Apr 08
i admire JLo's courage to come in the open and tell us all about the ZTE deal. We know it's not easy to point fingers to those involved including FG and we all know that his life and family is at stake. It's not easy to tell the truth but it will surely set us free. I don't think any person in all sanity can do what he did if it is all lies and a zarzuela as what pro-arroyo sees it. God fearing human being can't be consistent in telling lies specially JLo's whose career, family and even his own life will be put in danger here. I wonder only where would this issue brought him and the filipino people who seek for truth and justice.
• Philippines
30 Mar 08
i really don't know the reason/s why he's spilling all those so called "truths" about that NBN scandal... and i can't tell if those are genuine. i also can't understand why does he have to move around the country as if he's campaigning for the next election. coz all i know (for sure), corruption is really happening in our country. but i admire lozada's courage to fight for what he think is right and trying to beat those monsters in our government. he only have fears to the Lord but not to the one who has the power and money to kill him anytime. he even sacrificed not only his life but his entire family. i just feel so sorry for his family coz this controversy brought them to the darker side of life... but i know after all lozada's sacrifices, it will pay off something much better.
@rsa101 (13337)
• Philippines
26 Mar 08
With the way he is going around the country. It looks like he has plans of running for a position somewhere. I might be wrong as i could not really see his true motive for doing this. Being backed by the church does not guarantee that he is free from guilt because he used to worked from the admin before which happens to be that he shifted loyalty to the opposition. I guess let's just wait what are his hidden motives behind this posturing then let's discuss this matter later. Its really hard to see the real truth right now because many politicians are posturing for the coming presidential election. They might just be using this person to gain political stature in the coming elections.
@ciades (1624)
• Philippines
25 Mar 08
I can't say if his telling the truth or not. At first, im convinced that he was but now im a little bit doubt about it. And seems like his running for a senator of what he showed right now. I will more convinced if he will not too much exposures and campaigning the truth. How sure he was? All we need that he speak out at the COURT and give some enough credible statement and proof. People right now are crazy to whom to believe. SO, there are some just waiting for a moment of judgement. Hope No offen im just telling you what i've observed from this moment. GOD BLESS