Chronic Pain Sufferers and Faith

@tinkerick (1256)
United States
March 25, 2008 2:22pm CST
There is a man at my work whom I know suffers from chronic pain. He has since he a head injury as a kid. Diagnosed with migraines, he's been using pain medications for most of his life. However the medicines are not proving to be effective enough. High dosages, and strong meds barely cut the tip of the iceberg. He's seen countless doctors and no one has been able to free him of his everyday pain. I recently had a pulled or strained muscle in my back which ended up causing neck pain as well - lasting all day long - it was dreadful! He alikened this constant pain to what he feels...but every single day. I felt sooo bad for him. I could barely stand it for 1 day, and he feel it ALL the time! So anyway, the point of this is, that you would never even know he was suffering by just being around him. He is the most cheerful and sweet guy you'd ever meet. (and yes he's married - with kids). He is a devout Christian and I know he draws much of his strength from his faith in God. If his faith were to falter I think his pain would overcome his spirit and he'd no longer be the cheerful guy he is. Do you know of anyone who suffers from chronic pain, but deals with it well because of their faith?
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@lucy02 (5017)
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28 Mar 08
I have known people who have kept a sunny disposition even though they were in pain. I'm pretty their relationship with God helped. I remember the feelings of happiness that came when I first became a Christian. I still feel that way when I am communicating with Him the way I should and relying on Him.