hurt by family

@kym555 (13)
March 26, 2008 1:24pm CST
About 3 years ago my uncle passed away suddenly. I felt really bad for my auntie (my dad's sister) and my cousin so for about 2 years after he passes I started going there every Thursday and every other Sunday. On Thursday's we would have dinner watch our favorite show then play cards. I guess you can say I got pretty close with them. I did alot for them! Last June I bought a place with a friend and finally moved out of my parents and ever since then they both stopped talking to me. My auntie goes out of her way now to be mean to my mom,dad and brother. And my dad is the only brother she has along with 6 sisters. My dad does so much for her and my brother to! They get her garbage every week, plow her snow in the winter, put up and take down her snow fence and they go there whenever she calls and needs something. She only calls my mom when she wants something or needs to go somewhere and then doesn't talk to her for weeks after that. On Easter eveyone went out to another one of my aunites for dinner and usually all the aunts give us nieces and nepfews chocolate, but my auntie went around and gave to eveyone but my brother (Iwasn't there cuz I had to work) and he was hurt by that. Then when they all sat down to eat there was only on empty spot by my dad for my auntie to sit and she refussed to sit by him. He was so hurt by that. My mom and I are so angry by how she goes out of her way to be mean to all of us (she has done alot more mean things to us but that would be to much to say) we want my dad to say something but he won't cuz it's his sister, but he should be saying something and looking out for us first instead of how she would feel if he said something! It just breaks my heart cuz I can see how much it hurts my dad and it takes alot to get him upset. So please give me some advice on what I can do or what you would do in this kind of situation?
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@Pose123 (21667)
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26 Mar 08
Hi kym, After reading your discussion I still cannot understand why you aunt acts that way. Do you have any idea as to why she is doing this? You say that it started after you moved out of your father's house, but why would this affect her? Blessings.
@kym555 (13)
• Canada
28 Mar 08
I still don't understand myself. I almost think it's due to being jealouse. Her daughter's in her 30's and she isn't a very nice person either, she doesn't treat her mom very well always yells at her and she still lives at home with her and I don't think she'll ever move out! And I also think that she might have thought I wouldn't come over on Thursdays any more but I still would of I really enjoyed going there!