Are they ever too dark?

@arkaf61 (10882)
March 26, 2008 10:54pm CST
I had a friend over last saturday. She was coming to the hospital with me, to see grandma. She's a very close friend, and I am not formal at all with her or when she's visiting. I had to get a new load of clothes to wash and to take the load in the dryer so she came with me while we were talking. I was just taking my bed sheets from the dryer when she looked at them and commented that they looked really nice, kind of dark but nice. I had never thought about it. A lot of people prefer the traditional light colors for their bed sheets, or the little flowers and designs, or even lace. Myself I prefer solid strong colors. I like deep reds, dark blues etc. And when there is a pattern I don't really like flowers or stuff like that. I like bold designs, strong and ... well, kind of different :) What about you? Are there any colors that are too dark for your taste in bedsheets? Are you more traditional? Do you like the little flowery prints?
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• United States
27 Mar 08
I prefer lighter colors for bed sheets, but practicality drives me towards the darker warmer colors. I am horrible with my grand kids, sometimes we will all pile up in the bed with drinks pop corn and other snacks and watch movies, now I do remove my comforter, but sometimes there are accidents, and once a sheet is stained I do not like putting it on the bed. Also I have accidents with my periods any more as they are very unpredictable. So thats unsightly if for some reason I cannot wash it out to suit me. So for now Dark purples and blues works well for me.
• United States
4 Jul 08
LMAO It is amazing what we admit to her in mylot isn't it? Thank you for the BR my friend. :)))
@lizipi (1)
• China
28 Mar 08
My room is very simple,but with nice colour,I Like pink,blues ect which are all light colour,beacuse I feel them looks like comfortable,so i can keep good mind with me in whole day
@lonewolfnan (4367)
• Canada
27 Mar 08
Being color-blind,I only really see shades of color.In the bedroom,I prefer dark as I like it dark when I sleep.Instead of a comforter or heavy blanket,I use a sleeping bag(good to -35) so I am probably one of the minority.