Happy Moment

March 26, 2008 11:09pm CST
When I was a kid I had been always dreaming that I could be a photographer when I growed up.Now I still like photography,but I am not a photographer and I never will. Bing a photographer is luck for every,they can record lots of thing they like,such as beautiful view or a forgetful moment.After many years,they can take the photos that were stored out,the photo can remind them the old memories,how happy they are at that moment.
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@feris0604 (303)
• Malaysia
2 Apr 08
Being a nature lover, I think photographs can help to remind us how beautiful the nature is. Being a photographer is not just a career. It also means being responsible with all that you capture with your camera(s).
@trickiwoo (2703)
• United States
31 Mar 08
My mom is a professional photographer, so growing up I never really had any interest in photography. Then when I did discover photography, I had no interest in pursuing it as a career. I just wanted it to be a hobby. But at some point I realized I was truly happiest when I had a camera in my hands, and I would never be happy doing anything else but photography. So now I'm going to school to study photojournalism.
@wy2008 (185)
• China
27 Mar 08
hello kingstar, every time i take a photogragh , i always have an idea in my mind :what i will feel i saw these photos when i was 40 years old ?or 50 years old?or even older ? that must be a very complex feeling when we see old pictures. they can record our good memories in a great instant , that's wonderful!
@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
27 Mar 08
If a professional Photographer depended upon luck for their photos they would all be starving. It takes practice and study of others work to become a good photographer. Develop your photography by photographing things that are of interest to you. Many wild life photographers were trained in a field other than photography, but because of their interest in wildlife and photography the became better. Tehy studied their subject. Photograph what you are interested in and you will create your own luck.
@chazsgirl (256)
• United States
27 Mar 08
I have always wanted to be a photgrapher, I take tons of pics of my kids and flowers and sunsets! I was scared to so I just became a photo specialist and that really made me want to become one! I now know how to develope, enhance, enlarge and make pictures beautiful no matter what they 1st look like and being a photographer would be a perfect thing to do! I am so glad to have had the job I did, I learned so much! I look at pics everyday and I remember how I felt at that moment and am thankful that I have that moment captured forever!