where is your ideal destination?

March 28, 2008 9:55am CST
If given a chance, where would you like to spend a memorable holiday, around the world and why?And if you have already visited one then please share your experience.You can actually rate the places, that you have seen according to your experiences-good or bad. In my opinion, Figi is a wonderful place with beatiful scenes,exotic locations.Its truly a visual treat.I would rate it 9/10.
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• United States
29 Mar 08
I have flown to Puerto Rico twice already. The weather down there was awesome. The beach and the hotel, ESJ Towers, was awesome. I did one SCUBA dive down there already. I would rate it the best ever vacation ever had in my life. I would always love to go there a lot. It is expensive, but it is worth it, just like Hawaii. The worst vacation I had was when I got sick from too many clams in Gloucester, MA. I stayed at the Emerson Inn in Rockport, the very first night when I was twelve. That was when I got sick. Most of the clams had been probably dirty. Meaning I had food poisoning. But the rest of the vacation was alright.
28 Mar 08
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Bora Bora. It is so beautiful there, and looks like the most relaxing place in the world. I would also love to go back to Europe. A few years ago I was lucky enough to travel to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France. I absolutely fell in love with Germany- and hoped one day to move there.... it never happened. =( I would also love to explore Australia and South America.
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
28 Mar 08
I went around the world when I was 20 years old. I went to the USA, Fiji, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. When I was 30 I went to the USA, French Polynesia, the Cook Islands and Samoa. I have been on safari to Kenya, to Israel and Jordan, to the Seychelles and to the Maldives. I have been to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. I would give 10/10 to Australia, New Zealand and Samoa. I would give 9/10 to French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, the Seychelles and Belize. It is challenging to rate all the countries that I have been to. I really love to travel and enjoy seeing palm fringed beaches, meeting the local people, seeing the native wildlife and finding out about different cultures. I have had a bad experience in on place but the country that I went to was really nice.
@tinkerick (1256)
• United States
28 Mar 08
Ooooh, Fiji would be a wonderful place. My first choice - if given the opportunity - would be Korea, my birth country. The countryside there is very beautiful and I would love to see it in person. Another choice is Ireland. Also beautiful countryside and I would love to visit old castles. With the family I just want to get the kids to Disneyworld someday. I experienced it a couple times when I was growing up, and I want to pass on the experience. Problem is coming up with the money.
• Hyderabad, India
28 Mar 08
I went to Nepal it is one of the most beautiful places i have seen. Believe me Mountains are wonderful there. I will give a rating about 9/10. Temples are wonderful people will have lot to learn about that place. Rules are strict so nothing foolish should be done there.