What's Your Pace

United States
March 28, 2008 10:28am CST
We all have a different pace. Over the years, I have been known to go at a terrific pace, always in a hurry to get things done to get it out of the way. Now that I'm older, I've slowed down quite a bit. It was hard at first to slow down 'on purpose', but after I got the hang of it, I do it more and more. I'm not as fast as I used to be, but I'm more sure footed. Do you go at a frantic pace all the time or are you a bit slower than other people? What's your pace?
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@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
29 Mar 08
I am 38 years old and I have always forced myself to keep a slow pace. I always have mad time for the most important things in my life. I could stay busy with this and that, all day long. But I do not allow myself to do that. I do what hast to be done and then I make time for friends and family. My mother passed away when I was ten years old and then and aunt three years later. So I have neveer taken life for granted. I have never felt invincible. I have always had to choose my steps very caefully. There were many times where no one cared what I did, but me. So I learned as a child that life could end early, so make the most of it. It is not until recently, that I realized that I may actually be around for a while, with God's help, so I am allowing myself to dream.
@daeckardt (6245)
• United States
28 Mar 08
I have always been slow, except for eating. I can occasionally move fast, but it takes a lot of effort. I also have lost jobs in the past because I couldn't keep up with the pace they expected.
@carmelanirel (20979)
• United States
28 Mar 08
I am fast paced and love it, though it probably is hard on my computer, doing so much and getting so much done very quickly.. I also am fast paced off line too, in cleaning and walking, everything..My husband likes to sit back and watch everything while I like to get in there and get something done..
@sugarfloss (2140)
• Malaysia
28 Mar 08
hey terilee79720!I have been known to go at average pace,I think.But I do get panic attacks often!lol.