Any rx for cat's "pms"?

@scribe1 (1207)
United States
March 28, 2008 7:17pm CST
Ever since I got Mimi, I treated her as gently as possible. When she jumped on my lap, I pet and talked to her. She wasn't sitting on my lap for a half a minute before she began to growl and suddenly bit me. This wasn't the first time that she's done that. It was like she had PMS. She still jumps on my lap, though, and a few seconds later, turns vicious and bites me. Mimi still chases Waffles, the other calico cat. She doesn't play, just sits in the sunporch most of the time. Her previous owners had her declawed (front paws)and owned her for five years before reluctantly giving her up due to their son's allergy to cats. When I took Mimi to the vet last July, the cat was just as hostile, and the vet had to call for some assistance. So far, I've had Mimi for ten months, and am just wondering if there is any hope for her changing her ways and any possible remedy for her pms.
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@Marg12 (329)
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30 Mar 08
I think all cats have totally different personalities. I have a cat that I raised from a tiny kitten, and she lets me pat her and pick her up but boy if she isn't in the the mood to be patted, then she growls at me and lets me know. Then she will turn around and rub on me and be my best friend. Probably something happened to her that she is worried might happen again and that is why the biting. I would just leave her alone and maybe try not patting her when she is in your lap and see if that helps. Could be someone popped her for sitting in a lap. Hope she gets better for you.
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29 Mar 08
Do you think she has anxiety issues? Does she always act like this? I would have suggested talking to your vet about the way she is acting and letting them give you some ideas. I found this website online. It might help you if you are looking for a supplement.