do you like doing exercise?

@chenpan (381)
March 29, 2008 2:46am CST
Do you like doing exercise? When i was very young , my father always asked me to doing exercise, at that time ,i disliked doing exercise,especial when i was sleeping in the morning ,my father waked up me and asked me to do exerise with him .Sometime i was very angry and shoutde at him. But now i had grown up ,and i realize the importance of doing exercise. and i fell very sorry for my misbehaviour to my father when i was young.
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@podqueen (344)
19 Apr 08
Yes, I like doing exercises and before I had my operation I used to go to the gym times a week. I did a bit of cardio exercise on the treadmill or rowing machine, and some weight training to keep my muscles toned. Since my operation I was unable to go to the gym for a while and my fitness level has depleted over those weeks and am beginning to put on body fat as I'm not as active as before. When I get my strength back I will go back to the gym, I just hope I still enjoy it as much as I used to!
29 Mar 08
Yes I do like to workout at the gym and the days I do not go there I do some mobility excerses at home. I usually do these first thing in the morning before my shower and breakfast
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
29 Mar 08
Walking or jogging is one of the best exercises where all parts of the body get the required exercise. I do walk for 30 munutes a day and I need to walk for more than 5 km, but I am doing only 3 km. After 40, different organs of human body becomes less effective and to keep them active, one has to be active with exercises. Otherwise the body may go for large scale overhauling.
• Canada
29 Mar 08
I enjoy exercising most of the time, unless Im too tired, lazy, or not feeling well. If you feel sorry for not exercising with your dad when you were younger, you should let him know that he was right and you are sorry.
@naniglavs (210)
• India
29 Mar 08
I like doing exercise..But due to laziness i can't.....