which is important, health or wealth?

March 29, 2008 9:28am CST
if you must select only one in health and wealth,which is your choice.i choose health.because no health,no all.wealth can improve our life quality,but you must be healthy.so health is the most important.
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@thebeing (657)
• Romania
29 Mar 08
well, these days, you can't be too healthy if you're not wealthy and can't bee to healthy if you're too wealthy. The thing is that the general lifestyle is bad. Too many food aditives, the air is too polluted, we exercise less, we worry more...so, health, in my humble opinion, will soon (if it's not already) something luxurious or, just luck. So, my opinion, go for the wealth...why? well, you could be the most healthy man in the world (and one of the poorest) and get run by a car...so it doesn't quite matter. :) Better to have the money to spoil yourself and the loved ones. :)
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
29 Mar 08
Hi caixf, definitely I will choose health as I always think that only a healthy person could live a happy and longer life. I consider health is the natural excess for every thing including wealth. I don’t think not all wealthy people could live happily, if they are not healthy.
@cheney (199)
• Hong Kong
29 Mar 08
Absolutely health! Health means life. Wealth means better life. Only when you are living, you can make your life better.
@goergineo (1498)
• Jordan
29 Mar 08
If you ask me this question one year ago, i would say health is more imprortant. but now i think it is all about wealth cause wealth can bring all even a good health.
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
29 Mar 08
Hello,caixf! I would go with health,since it will bring more joy for me that the money can not bring,if money could bring happiness and health than the wealthy people would not suffer from different diseases as with money they can purchase everything including health.money makes a man,often unhappy and on the other hand a healthy man can be more happy and sleep peacefully in the night.if you are healthy,you will be wealthy and wise too.thank too.
@alexigne (903)
• Philippines
29 Mar 08
Yeah, i choose health over wealth. No matter how wealthy your life is, if you are not healthy, there is no sense. You cannot enjoy your wealth if you are unhealthy because you may only use your money to support your health needs. If you are unhealthy, there would be possible do's and dont's. For sure. Don't do this, don't do that. Don't eat this, beware of that, don't go there, avoid this, your doctor says. It was really irritable because your actions are limited because you have to consider your health
@paid2write (5202)
29 Mar 08
I agree with you that health is more important. I have never been very interested in having a lot of money but I am interested in maintaining good health so I can enjoy my life, even if I don't have much money.