Metallica and Megadeth

March 29, 2008 3:28pm CST
In 1982, when Metallica was just starting out as a Californian underground metal band, Dave Mustaine walked onto the band as their lead guitarist. A year and a half later, Dave Mustaine was fired from the band for bieng drunk and bieng disrespectful to friends and family. Dave formed Megadeth in 1984, hoping to out-metal Metallica. Metallica wasn't the least bit surprised or disturbed by this. On Medadeth's side: James had fired Dave in a very disrespectful way. He gave him a bus ticket and told him to be gone in fifteen minutes. James could have done that in a much nicer or at least respectful way. He could have told Dave why he needed to leave the band. On Metallica's side: Dave took this all to personally. First of all he should have seen it coming. He had kicked James' dog, cursed at James' family, and trashed every room he went into. He also acted very childish by starting a rivalry between His band and James'. He should have just gotten over it and continued with his music life. As a result of this feud, fans were split. Metallica and Megadeth fans would fight and argue about the whole thing. Both James and Dave acted childish by trying to "out-music" or "out-sale" each other. Finally the fued came to a hault ten years afterwards. Metallica found themselves touring with Megadeth and soon they were on stage together. The bands were able to set aside all of thier revenge driven anger and were able to tour together. In James' words "the ten years of bull... between Metallica and Megadeth is done". But even after that, Dave and Metallica were still very sour with each other. Neither band wanted to ever communicate with each other unless it was absolutely necessary. Dave, Lars, and James were all the best of friends at one point. Why did they have to break up thier friendship over the rivalry between two great metal bands? Why did they choose to throw away thier friendship just to see who could record a better album? Metallica should have given Dave a little more credit for his time and effort into the band. Dave needs to get over the fact that he was fired from the band and move on with his life because he still hasn't. Why can they not do this? So what u guys think about metallica and megadeth?
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• United States
10 May 08
I'm not too sure how I feel about this. On one hand I'm glad Mustaine left because now we have both Metallica and Megadeth, who I like as well. These days Kirk seems to have gotten a bit lazier and sounds a bit sloppy live, but we'll see in about two weeks when the tour starts. Kirk really hasn't written solos I was just amazed by since 1988, but I'll wait until the new album to judge him on that. Mustaine hasn't handled this situation very well either because all he seemed to focus on was that he was kicked out Metallica even though he was quite successful with Megadeth. If Mustaine would've stayed I really doubt Metallica could've lasted because even Cliff said Mustaine was out of his mind at one point, and personally I'd rather have kept Cliff in the band then Dave.
@doomed1 (119)
• Canada
18 May 08
Personally, I am large fan of Dave's songwriting so I would rather have him than Cliff Burton. Though I am also fond of his vocals which he may have never odne if he had stayed in Metallica.
@raxerdis (132)
6 Oct 08
I like dave mustaine vocal more but the music better from metallica. i think they are not actually same category
@modstar (9612)
• Philippines
17 Sep 08
hmm lately it seems that megadeth is making greater music than metallica. the songs are still megadeth sounding unlike metallica whch softens a bit. maybe metallica's a sell out now. metallica may be more famous thanmegadeth now but megadeth still remained true to the game.
• Singapore
11 Jul 08
at least megadeth still remain true to their roots. Their latest album United Abominations exceed my expectations. Metallica on the other hand bores me alot lately.
@doomed1 (119)
• Canada
18 May 08
I love Megadeth, especially their album Rust in Peace. I am not quite of approving of Metallica. Master of Puppets seems like a rehashed version of Ride the Lightning. After Ride the Lightning, I feel the band just kept going downhill.
7 Apr 08
im personally glad dave had to leave... otherwise kirk wudnt hav joined... meaning we wont be breakin out fingers tryin to practice leads lyk one and sanitarium...