what would you do if this would happen to you (2)

March 30, 2008 1:49am CST
you wake up from a deep slumber. you open your eyes, but its still pitch black, and you cant hear anything. you are still lying down in a straight position. of course you would like to stand up - but you cant. its like your in some kind of box. the last thing you remember was a car accident. you then realize that you are in a coffin, buried alive. you are six feet underground, a limited supply of air, no food, no water, dark, no one could hear you, and hopeless. what would you do? is there anything you could do?
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@luneliza (197)
30 Mar 08
That's a scary thought. I guess all I could do is close my eyes tight, clench my fists and pray that the agony doesn't last too long.