Metallica....... Saints or sinners?

March 30, 2008 2:14am CST
Remember when Metallica took on Napster?....... I'm curious as to what y'all think about that....... Did they do it because they are greedy rockstars that want more money or....... Were they sticking up for the little guys that haven't made money but still have tons of people ripping them off every day?.......
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• United States
10 May 08
Well the thing is they started the whole Napster thing because Napster had "I Disappear" available for download when it wasn't even finished. They possibly took it a bit too far when they sued regarding their whole catalog of music but I feel they were right by defending "I Disappear". I wouldn't want a song that I haven't finished yet available for millions of people without my knowledge or consent.
• Philippines
29 May 08
i agree! what would you feel if the same thing was done to you? i bet it would really piss you off. they have the right to do that.
• United States
30 May 08
I'm not sure how I'd react to that, if I were in their position I'd probably sue as well but only for that particular song. Lars took it a bit far when he sued for their entire catalog, if he had stayed within suing for "I Disappear" it'd come off as a lot less greedy. A lot of people see Metallica as a bunch of greedy rock stars because of that move, but if they were in the same situation with an unfinished song they'd probably do the same.
@coolseeds (3921)
• United States
13 Jul 08
They are a bunch of sissies. Times are changing and you have to roll with the punches or get knocked out. This time they got knocked out. Heck some of their songs are borderline country. They really disappoint me. There are two sides to every story. They cry that they are not selling. Well maybe if they put out something worth buying then they would sell more. I haven't bought anything they recorded since "And Justice for All" and the 1st "Garage Days". I have downloaded songs because a lot of music sucks. Why should I waste my money on a chance that the music will be good. I'd do better buying lottery tickets. I've bought cds and gone to see them perform because I downloaded songs to check out an artist. Before Metallica started making a bad name for themselves they were big enough to give all of their music away for free. Then sell out more shows and shirts. Some people would buy more merchandise because of it. Therefore they would be making more money. They are too greedy to make money. I just can't believe how stupid some people can be.
19 May 08
Deefinite sinners, as much as I love their music, they don't need the money. Metallica have never stood up for nayone apart from themselves!
@NetHeart (94)
• Portugal
3 Apr 08
Yeap I remember....I guess they've became to "money obsessed" ..I Heard once Lars Ulrich saying that he (I guess all Metallica members) had more money then they could possibly spend in their all I guess its just stupidity...I don't think they were thinking in "the little guys" as you've suposed...but hey, who knows...
2 Apr 08
Metallica have become greedy pigs over the last few years. And because of this, I have lost HUGE amounts of respect for them! Yeah, i can see where they were coming from: Pirates getting the music for free from bands/artists who could need a start up, but in most cases it's from bands/artists that get angry because they can't buy a gold plated swimming pool. Metallica defiantely took it a step to far when they sued victoria secret because they used the name "metallica" in one of their products. Likewise when they went after the Norweigan (was it?) parents who named their child "Metallica". Remember, they tried to go after the makers of Guitar Hero for using "one".