childhood friend.

March 31, 2008 1:58pm CST
as you can see, i have this friend from states. he arrived the philippines last, last friday, march 21. but he has to leave this thursday, april 3. six years ago, before he leave, as i remember, we were childhood friends. we were in a huge group of teens that hang around the village. for all you know, i had a big crush on him. we barely talk to each other. even a simple "hi!" is hardly spoken. as he returned. he is totally different. he smiles a lot, became so friendly, approachable, things that is totally different from the younger him. during his six years of stay in the states, i lived my life as it was in the philippines. i was having my own "love life". then, just as this month, my heart was broken into tiny little pieces. but anyways. i am glad my childhood friend came around. well. he always makes me smile in his own simple ways. maybe a simple smile and a wave of a hand from him makes me smile. well, i dont know. maybe i am just too happy to see him back again. i really dont know. or maybe i am falling for him.*sigh. if ever he asks me if i can be his girlfriend, i wont have a second thought. even if, it is too risky to be involved in a long distance relationship. ~comments are highly appreciated.:]
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@kezabelle (2985)
31 Mar 08
I think anyone should grab happiness when they can, id rather look back and be sad that something didnt work out than look back and always be thinking I wish I hadnt let him go without at least trying.