why don,t men loves their wife after some time of marriage?

man - married man
April 2, 2008 1:17pm CST
After couple of years of marriage the bloom is of the rose. The passion has gone and couple becomes stranger to each other. What happens to them?
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@winterose (39918)
• Canada
4 Apr 08
I will ask you the same question in reverse why do women love their husbands after awhile? do you have any answers, because the answers are as unique as the couple in question.
@jewel76 (2305)
• Canada
4 Apr 08
Wellthey say it is harder to keep a lover than to acquire him/her in the first place...some ppl just let the passion die, they become like these robots, they follow this same routine every day...you need to keep the flame alive , the passion burning, the love true..me & hubby have just recently revived our desire for one another after a pregnancy that left me without desire for the whole 9 months! and noe, its like when we first met all over again
@ayou82 (3460)
• Philippines
3 Apr 08
We always think we are not loved.. Sometimes we dont think about time and space to breathe in a relationship.. men needs time and so do we.. we always think that they are hiding something behind our back but we do silly things and later we discover the truth and the damage we made is already done..