My dog ripped her toenail half off!

United States
April 2, 2008 6:43pm CST
Golden retriever - Golden retriever, black and white photo.
So, my dog is thoroughly enjoying her huge backyard and the fact she doesn't need a leash anymore. She came in today bleeding profusely and I noticed one of her nails was ripped in half (lengthwise) and almost right down to her pad! Most of the nail was hanging off at an odd angle. I called the vet and she said to cut the rest of the nail off, and that it would probably bleed all over again because of the vein. She said to have flour ready to stick her paw in to stop the bleeding. (yes, flour). It was after hours, so she recommended I try doing it myself to avoid the HUGE emergency visit bill. Well, I went to look at my dogs paw again and she started like she was gong to snap at me (she can be like that under certain circumstances...). So, I decided maybe I would let the vet do it and figured I would wait and take her tomorrow. After a while, I took a better look at it and decided I probably could do it after all. We were pretty nervous, to say the least. I asked my husband to be ready to hold her head so she wouldn't bite me (it was a front paw...easy access to me with her teeth.) So, I straddled her, lifted her paw and hubby pet her head. I got the clippers in position and told him to grab her muzzle to keep her from biting me. "Ready? Here I go. NOW!" The toenail clipped right off and SHE DIDN'T EVEN FLINCH. No flinch, no yelp, no jerking, no biting...not even any blood...nothing. We laughed so hard...and she went and started eating the flour thinking I'd put it there as a treat for her!! ROFL!!!It was too funny how stressed we were and almost didn't even want to do it...and then it was over in a split second!Has your dog ever ripped a nail bad like this? Did you remove it yourself, or to take them in to the vet? Did it get infected after?