Beware! Another E-gold hoax!!!

@ahgong (10066)
April 2, 2008 8:54pm CST
I received an email with regards to the founder of e-gold being killed. The mail goes as such: ===================================================================== E-gold founder, Douglas Jackson, 51, of Sheridan, Mont., was 4 times shot and killed Friday night on the Seventh Street ramp at East Seventh Avenue by off-duty County Deputy Daniel Montana Jr., police said. A spokesman for the Jackson's family told Fox 31 that the autopsy details show the shots came from 3 to 7 feet away and were fired at a level angle, not from someone lying on the ground. The investigation is ongoing, said DA spokeswoman Pam Russell. More details at (c) hyipnews 2008 ===================================================================== Being a skeptic, I did a google and found that the news is a hoax. According to the original e-gold site, there was a letter written by Jackson himself denouncing the truth in the rumor that he was killed. There was also another claim that the site "" contains a trojan. I do not know if it is true or not. In the link above, the site indicated is "HYIPWORLDS.ORG". So I am guessing that it would be different for other emails received by others as well. So BEWARE!!! BE ALERT!!! Better to be save than sorry. Don't bother to visit the sites!
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