Aromatherapy, essential oils, have you tried?

April 3, 2008 12:14am CST
Today i was reading a artical on aromatherapy, Seientists have verified that the volatile compound called essential oils, have antibacterial and antiviral propeeties. Does it really work? i want to try. the list is given as below, if it really works i will buy few from these. 1.Lemon blam to lift spirits. 2. Geranium for depp relaxation. 3. chamomile to clam the verves. 4. sandalwood to reduce tension and anxiety. 5.bergamote to fight infection. 6.ylang-ylang to induse sleep. 7.lavender to relax muscles. TAKE CARE: Do not use essential oil with any homeopathic treatment. LIVE AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE
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@pumpkinjam (6092)
• United Kingdom
8 Apr 08
Yes, it can work. Aromatherapy is a very good thing. It's natural and there are rarely any side effects. You do have to be careful where you buy the products because some cheaper articles aren't completely natural and may contain more chemicals than natural products. I used an aromatherapy-based gel for back pain. It was the first and only thing that worked. A good aromatherapy product may seem quite expensive so you will need to research companies first. That is where I get my all natural aromatherapy products. Chamomile definitely calms nerves and it also makes babies fall asleep! It is usually best to test a very small amount because there are some people who are allergic to certain oils although this is rare.
@lishiwei (1553)
• China
3 Apr 08
I don't think it can work.If it can work I will buy as much as I can.Please tell me the result after you tried it.I don't want to try it.