england flag rules

April 3, 2008 10:40am CST
what can i say its the best flag in the world am i right ?? haha
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6 Apr 08
I think we are a little prejudiced on this topic. I'm sure that most people would pick their own country's flag. I have noticed a lot of Americans on this site, so chances are they will pick the stars and stripes. I think our flag is cool, and it shows how we have left our mark on many other countries. Isn't our Union Jack part of the flags of Australia and New Zealand?
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15 Jul 08
I'd say one of the best. Also, its the Union flag, it is referred to the Union Jack only at sea.
@pumpkinjam (5782)
• United Kingdom
23 Apr 08
Well, no. Probably not. The England flag has a rather boring design if truth be told. I am English and very proud of the fact but to say we have the best flag, well, I don't think I can agree with that. If you mean the Union Jack then that's rather more colourful than our cross of St. George but I have seen more colourful ones. Now if you said England is great and superior to everyone else... ok, better not start anything here!